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    Bright and Early

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    Final sentences:

    Still my river—and your river
    still my hand—and your hand
    will never join, or not until
    one dawn catches up another dawning.

    from “Poems for Blok: 5”, tr. Elaine Feinstein

    [We are poets, which has the sound of outcast.
    Nevertheless, we step out from our shores.]
    We dare contend for godhead, with goddesses,
    and for the Virgin with the gods themselves.

    from “The Poet: Part 2”, tr. Elaine Feinstein

    My head rests in my hands as I
    realize, looking into the night

    that no one turning over our letters has
    yet understood how completely and
    how deeply faithless we are, which is
    to say: how true we are to ourselves.

    from “What is this gypsy passion for separation”, tr. Elaine Feinstein

  • bbng x ghostface killah ft. elzhi —> gunshowers


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  • Wait, what, this ain’t coffee #teaday #sorethroat

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    Felix De Boeck (Belgian, 1898 - 1995)

    Composition 1923 (1960)

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    Nirvana, Minneapolis, October 14, 1991 

    Was born

  • decided to give foxygen another chance.

    music is music, personal life is personal life.

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  • I am now the proud father of Are You Experienced

    Holy shitfucks is this heaven?!

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  • "It’s okay to live a life others don’t understand."
  • How bout THAT shit, huge thank you to my lovely aunt for this present! Boy I still have an embarrassingly low amount of #zeppelin and #jimi in my collection (hint hint)